Art Direction and packaging design for a new bottled cold brew coffee

Campbell & Syme launched a new bottled cold brew to be sold across the UK for the Summer season. They wanted the packaging to be in keeping with the existing brand language across their product line. It needed to look instantly recognisable as part of the Campbell & Syme family as it would be sold in the same environment as the coffee retail bags.


Front of bottle design.

Front and back of bottle design. The back has clear information about the origin, location and the type of process of the coffee that has been used in the cold brew.

closeup label b

A detailed shot of the front label on the bottle.

singular lay down

The label design uses the subtle brand pattern from Campbell & Syme.

multiple 2b

The ampersand brand mark is used on the bottle neck label so the brand can be seen when the bottle is submerged in an ice bucket.

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